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The Best Carpet Cleaning in Lexington KY

Elite Carpet & Tile Cleaning strives to make sure we not only satisfy our clients by the amazing results our carpet cleaning system helps us to achieve, but we also want to make sure you have a great experience with our company as well. From the moment you pick up the phone to call to us pulling out of the driveway, your 100% satisfaction is our goal.


Our Carpet Cleaning Process

After years of experience, we have put together a carpet cleaning process that well give you the best carpet cleaning in Lexington.

  • Pre Vacuuming – A lot our customers like to vacuum before we arrive and we greatly appreciate it. The best thing you can do besides having a professional carpet cleaner clean your carpet is to vacuum regularly. To get the best cleaning results we vacuum the carpet before cleaning to remove as much dry particulate from the carpet fibers as possible. This is so our cleaning solutions can work hard to break up the embedded soil that regular vacuuming can’t remove.
  • Pre Spraying & Spotting – After a very through vacuuming, we will apply our cleaning solution that begins breaking up the embedded soils. As the solution dwells it penetrates into the fiber releasing the soil’s bond from the fiber.  Our cleaning solution does a great job at removing a majority of spots from the carpet, but at times we need to bring in specialty spotting products that help to remove those more difficult spots. We have spotting products to remove paint, gum, nail polish, grease, and drink spills like koolaid.
  • Rinsing – We rinse the carpet with the powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning system. It gives us the ability to thoroughly flush the dirt, dust, and spills out of the carpet while removing the majority of moisture we are using to get the carpet clean. Removing more moisture means we are removing more soil and more water which will keep the carpet cleaner longer and lessen the amount of time before the carpet is dry.
  • Speed Drying & Grooming – After we have thoroughly rinse and extracted the carpet we will place special carpet drying fans in the areas after we have cleaned them. We want you to enjoy you clean carpet sooner.
  • Carpet Protector – Having a carpet protector applied to the carpet is an optional service we provide. The benefits to having it applied after cleaning are: 1) your vacuuming will be more efficient because the soil cannot bond to the carpet as easily, 2) liquids have a harder time penetrating the carpet fibers making spots and spills more easily removable, 3) it will prolong the life of your carpet and protect your investment.

NOTE: After we leave the carpet may still be very slightly damp. If you need to walk on it we recommend a fresh pair of socks or house slippers and to take caution when going from slightly damp carpet to hard surface areas as your feet may become slippery. If you opted to have carpet protector applied we recommend you do not walk on the carpet at all if possible to allow the protector to properly cure to the carpet fibers.

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Lexington Carpet Cleaners Before & After Photos

Here are just a few examples of some before and after photos of our work.